About Me

My name is Ryan Hallak, and when I'm not designing products I am usually practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or sailing! I really enjoy a challenge, and I find that both of these hobbies challenge me not only physically, but mentally as well. I've sailed competitively in college, but the highlight of my sailing career came when I competed in the Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten. As for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I'm currently training to eventually compete in the Pan American Tournament within the next couple of years.

I started my professional career as a payroll salesman. I realized quickly that sales wasn't for me, and while I appreciate the lessons and experiences that I got from my time as a salesman, I had to make a career switch. I took the risk of leaving my steady career and putting everything I had into becoming the best designer I could. The process has been stressful, hectic, busy, confusing, and the list goes on; but I wouldn't trade it for anything. After coming from a career I disliked, I look at every day that I get to design as a gift!


Latest Work

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